Print on Demand and shipping: Because I work with print partners and the order you place will be fulfilled by them I do not have any input on their shipping costs. 

To keep the costs as low as possible for you I have chosen products that are available for print from different locations worldwide. 

Due to this it can happen that, if you place an order for multiple items, these items are not fulfilled at the same location ( one may come from Spain, the other from Latvia etc.), and you will have to pay full shipping for both items. These costs will automatically be added at checkout, so before you finalize your purchase you can see what the total costs will be.

There is no other way that this can be done, but to help you out a little, I have set up a € 2,50 discount for any order above €40,- 

* I am not responsible for any import fees your country may apply to your order.*

Print on demand shipping time depends on your location: Since the products are made to order, there is a production time as well as a shipping time. Please allow 14 days for your order to arrive, it may be less, it may be more, depending on your location